True Alignment Orthodontics

What are Clear Aligners?

Gone are the days of braces, ugly headgear and cut lips. That's because, we are a braces free practice!

Advancements in technology opens a whole new world of ease and aesthetics, and we are all about making things easier and prettier for you. We use clear aligners to improve your airways and optimize your smile.

This is the bright, simple, beautiful future of orthodontic work and you will be pleased to know that this process is both affordable and far less invasive than older orthodontic methods!

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About the Invisalign Treatment Experience

The Invisalign Treatment Experience involves using a series of custom designed clear aligners to gradually and gently move your teeth and grow your jaw. ​

Using this process and Dr Vernon Kruger's treatment philosophy, we can improve your body’s alignment and enable better breathing in a simple, non-invasive way.

The Invisalign Treatment Experience could be for you!

Improving your health and your smile doesn’t have an age limit. While most people consider this kind of treatment for teenagers and children, we continue to see amazing improvements in adults who are seeking better alignment also!

Invisalign Treatment Experience

We use the Invisalign Treatment Experience to improve our patient’s alignment, airways, and smiles. We have partnered with Invisalign after thoroughly researching all clear aligner options and selected the company who we feel has the most advanced technology and the best reputation to help us to deliver amazing results. ​ ​

As a practice, we are proud to have reached Diamond Status with the Invisalign Company!

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How does Invisalign work?

Different from other clear aligners, Invisalign aligners are made from a unique patented material together with 3D software tools, Take a closer look at this video.

Remote Monitoring Technology

Freedom and Flexibility at your fingertips

Too busy to come in for a checkup? Not a problem! ​

Utilizing cutting edge technology and state of the art app integration we are now able to monitor and evaluate your treatment progress from the comfort of your own home! ​

This amazing leap forward in treatment technology offers you the freedom to stay flexible, cut down on travel times and still receive weekly check-ins as opposed to four to eight week intervals!

Ready for that perfect smile?

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