True Alignment Ortho

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the aligners hurt?

Not generally, but everyone has different sensitivity levels, so if you do experience any, minor discomfort is normally eased by something as simple as ibuprofen or paracetamol.

How often do my aligners need to be changed throughout my Invisalign Treatment Experience?

Throughout your treatment, you will have a range of different aligners that will assist in gently moving your teeth. The number of aligners you need will be different depending on your treatment plan, but as a rule, you will need to change to a new set every seven to fourteen days depending on your unique treatment plan.

Can my aligners break?

It is possible to break them, but due to the superior technology that is used in developing them, it rarely happens!

Is the Invisalign Treatment Experience as efficient as traditional braces?

Yes! Absolutely, even more so in most cases. If you would like to read more on the most recent research regarding this method of treatment.

Is the treatment shorter than braces?

Yes, in many cases it takes a shorter time to achieve your desired alignment results! Each treatment plan is unique, so before anything gets started we will make sure you have all of the information, including timeframes for treatment.

How regularly do you need to have appointments once your Invisalign Treatment Experience has started?

Every case is different, but in general, it is every eight weeks. Less frequently with remote dental monitoring.

How long does a checkup appointment take?

On average you can account for fifteen to twenty minutes, we make sure to keep it short and sweet so you can get on with your day.

Do you provide finance options?

We partner with Gilrose Finance who facilitates some amazing finance options. For more details on that, go to our treatments page.

If I already have braces can I change to Clear Aligners midway through treatment?

Yes absolutely, in fact it might be the best decision you have ever made for yourself or your family. Clear Aligners can be far less invasive and painful than regular braces, and making the transition can be simple and relatively cost effective!

Do I need to travel to all of my appointments?

Not necessarily. We have access to some amazing technology which enables us to monitor your progress from the comfort of your own home. See more information on our Remote Monitoring System here.

What if I lose my aligner?

Don’t panic, it can be replaced. We have records of every aligner that you are using (past and present) and we will advise you as to the next steps to take to get you back into your new retainer and back on track.

What are your treatment payment options?

We can receive payment via: