True Alignment Orthodontics

Remote Monitoring Technology

Freedom and Flexibility at your fingertips

Too busy to come in for a checkup? Not a problem! ​

Utilizing cutting edge technology and state of the art app integration we are now able to monitor and evaluate your treatment progress from the comfort of your own home! ​

This amazing leap forward in treatment technology offers you the freedom to stay flexible, cut down on travel times and still receive weekly check-ins as opposed to four to eight week intervals!

Don’t want braces and wires?  We can help

We do more...

Most people come to an orthodontic clinic to straighten crooked teeth, but our focus is on full-body alignment. Walking away with a beautiful, natural smile at the end of your treatment - that’s just a bonus.

Whole Body Alignment - A Better Way of Thinking About Teeth

Take a deep breath in - now breathe out. Didn’t that feel nice?

The quality of your breath is the quality of your life, and believe it or not, your jaw, tongue, and teeth play a massive role in how well you breathe every day!

By gently growing the jaw and realigning your teeth, we can help facilitate a whole host of health benefits such as: better quality sleep, reducing neck and back stress, and better posture - and yes, of course, that beautiful glowing smile you’ve always wanted.

And we don't even need braces nor wires to do this.

mum and son smiling with Invisalign in his hand
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