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How a small mouth can affect your posture and your health


In this post, we’ll discuss how a small mouth can affect the body’s posture and cause pain and inflammation.

The Tongue and Airway

 If the mouth is too small, the tongue doesn’t have enough space to fit and goes back in the mouth. This can obstruct the airway, causing a forward head posture to open the airways.

The Head and Body Compensation

The head weighs about 6kg, and this weight in front of the balancing line creates stress on the muscles at the back of the head and cervical vertebrae. To balance the head, the body compensates with a forward shift of the head and the weight being forward. This eventually leads to lower back problems and hip issues. The knees turn inward because of the angle the leg is inserted into the hips, and the feet pronate.

The Effects of Bad Posture

A bad posture is not laziness or weakness; it’s a compensation that uses more energy to maintain. Eventually, the system cannot compensate, and pain and inflammation result.

Creating More Space for the Tongue 

To avoid these issues, we need to make more space for the tongue to fit correctly. True Alignment Orthodontics can help patients of almost any age, adults, and children, to improve the size of the mouth and create more tongue space. If you’ve had previous extraction orthodontic treatment, the mouth should be returned to its correct size, and the missing teeth replaced. If your lower jaw is too far back, it should be moved forward to its correct position; otherwise, your tongue will be too far back again.


In summary, a small mouth can have far-reaching effects on the body’s posture and overall health. By creating more space for the tongue to fit correctly and correcting any misalignment in the jaw, we can alleviate pain and inflammation and improve our posture and overall health. True Alignment Orthodontics can help patients of almost any age achieve these results.

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